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I am the heat Hephaestus used to forge  lightening bolts and fashion jewellery for the gods.

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Scientists tell us that metabolism recapitulates biogenesis - the origins of life. What goes on in your cells mirrors the creation of the universe. Within your own mitochondria, your body’s master enzyme – Coenzyme A – continually initiates the production of ATP. Enhance CoA levels and you can de-age your body.


Enzymes matter. Without them there would be no life. An enzyme is a compound which initiates or accelerates specific metabolic processes by acting as a catalyst. You find them in all living things - from daffodils to buffalo. So far science has identified thousands of enzymes which help the human body function. One stands out above all the rest – Coenzyme A.



Coenzyme A is your body’s most active and most important catalyst. It’s needed to trigger hundreds of chemical reactions from the production of energy and hormones to the detoxification of dangerous chemicals.  When CoA is in plentiful supply, your body is vital. When levels fall, your vitality and resistance to ageing plunges. CoA also works its life generating magic in your blood and in your brain. Most important of all, adequate CoA protects your mitochondria from genetic damage that can wreak havoc causing your body to age rapidly.




Every organ in your body has Coenzyme A in its tissues. Together with ploynucleotides and acetyl carrier proteins, CoA emerged from the primordial soup to provide matter with the hydrogen and sulphur based chemical reactions it needed to create life. When you have optimum levels of CoA, this makes you highly resistant to fatigue and degeneration. The problem is that Coenzyme A is constantly being gobbled up by all the metabolic processes it looks after. This is why it needs replenishing.




Many age researchers now believe our mitochondria not only to be the focal point of life but also of degeneration. This is not only because they produce metabolic energy on which our vitality depends, but also because when our mitochondria gets out of whack, degeneration gets the upper hand.






The revelation that our mitochondria, these ancient monsters we thought were tame and benign, are in fact our silent executioners, has reinvigorated the field of mitochondrial research, putting it at the forefront of biological and medical research.

Guy Brown



Interesting things, mitochondria. These organelles, found inside each of our cells whose job it is to provide us with life energy, were once denizens of a primordial world - purple photosynthetic bacteria. When oxygen appeared on the earth,  instead of falling prey to its dangers, they learned to exploit its chemical and energetic reactivity. Like quantum physicists looking for a new source of power, these microscopic beasties invented ways of taking in a potentially lethal gas and transmuting it into a radical opportunity. 


Slowly but inexorably purple photosynthetic bacteria evolved into masters of energy transformation. They learned to oxidise materials at hand by trapping the energy of light. Over endless eons, they honed their skills until at last they had learned to create life’s energy storage compound, ATP.  So successful was the energy currency they created that it could be used by every cell of virtually every living thing. And so efficient were their means of creating it through oxidation, that other early forms of life, like the yeasts and fungi - which rely on fermentation as an energy source - could never match them. Fermentation, practiced by yeasts and fungi,  produces only two molecules of ATP from each molecule of sugar. Mitochondria can take the same molecule of sugar and coax thirty-six molecules of energy from it - fifteen times more than their oxygen-hating cousins.



That our mitochondria’s ancestors where oxygen-respiring purple bacteria has been shown beyond a doubt by DNA sequencing. Like a village ransacked by barbarians who ultimately became civilised, fermenting organisms were stacked by oxygen using predators that become mitochondrial labourers.

Lynn Marguils and Dorion Sigan


Let’s take a closer look at the energy creating process these little geniuses came up with.





The tricarboxylyc-acid-cycle or TCA cycle, also known as the Krebs Cycle or citric acid cycle, consists of a number of chemical reactions within the mitochondria whereby nutrients from the foods we eat are oxidised to get energy. The complex chemical reactions involved in the TCA cycle were formulated in 1937 by Sir Hans Krebs, who won a Nobel prize for his work. So important is the TCA cycle that, in one form or another,  it takes place in virtually every type of lifeform. Each step on this cycle is catalysed by specific enzymes, arranged in such perfect sequence that energy creation happens with remarkable grace. Without adequate CoA it doesn’t happen.


Before long the ancestors of our mitochondria gave up their bacterial independence and settled happily into larger organisms. By then they had so drastically changed that they would never again be able to live outside. There they have remained ever since - nurtured and safe within our living bodies.



Mitochondria have a remarkable distinction: They possess their own DNA. Even though they can no longer live alone, your mitochondria still reproduce very much the way bacteria do within our cells. It was not until the late sixties that scientists discovered mitochondrial DNA. They noticed that our mitochondria divide in completely different cycles than do the cells in which they reside.


In recent years mitochondria have come under close scrutiny by age researchers. First, they are the cauldrons in which ATP, our life energy, is made. Second, since the creation of ATP is an oxidative process, the DNA of our mitochondria is ten to twenty times more susceptible to free radical damage than the nuclear DNA of our cells.


The mitochondrial theory of ageing proposes that our mitochondria continually produce toxic free radicals that inexorably attack our mitochondria, mutating its DNA. The mitochondrial damage may cause an even greater production of free radicals, in an increasingly vicious circle. For mutant mitochondrial DNA is associated with a frightening range of progressive degenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, and Parkinson’s, diabetes, atherosclerosis and, of course, ageing itself.

Guy Brown












q       Mitochondria create life energy to fuel healthy metabolism.

q       Good functioning mitochondria are essential to preventing age degeneration.

q       Mitochondrial DNA is highly susceptible to oxidation damage.

q       Respiratory electron transport in mitochondria is accompanied by the generation of high levels of free radicals and associated with chronic degenerative diseases.

q       Defective mitochondrial functions and damage to the mitochondrial DNA are major factors in speeding up the ageing process.

q       A depletion in Coenzyme A leads to mitochondrial dysfunction, producing an energy deficit in the body and fostering degenerative processes.




Now, this is serious business. For when mitochondrial DNA undergoes injury, daughter cells - the new mitochondria created – become mutated and progressively less able to produce energy. Without a continual supply of high level energy, our metabolic processes can’t work properly. Our cellular messages get garbled. This alters the expression of our genes. Cellular physiology is undermined. Rubbish accumulates - in our cells and eventually our tissues - so much that our immune system can become sensitive to the body itself, creating auto-immune disorders -  from arthritis to food allergies and systemic lupus. Neurological functions and neuroendocrine functions are undermined. Hormones fall and serious metabolic imbalances can ensue, making it easy for degenerative processes to take hold.


Once damaged, mitochondria DNA is more slowly repaired than nuclear DNA. As a result it can accumulate mitochondrial DNA mutations.

Jeffrey Bland PhD


It is little wonder that many scientists believe, that at its core, ageing is the result of an accumulation of mitochondrial DNA mutations. As these DNA distortions accumulate they interfere with our bodies ability to produce ATP. Insufficient ATP in turn impairs system functions. That’s where Coenzyme A and its cohort coenzymes come in.



Coenzymes are chemicals - biologically active forms of vitamins in fact. It is their job to potentize enzymic reactions. For a long time scientists believed that, like the enzymes they support, coenzymes could be recycled as substrates. Now we know that this is not true. Destroyed in performing the functions they are designed for, coenzymes such as the master CoA, CoQ10 and NADH – all necessary for the production of energy in the mitochondria to take place -  need to be continually replaced.  Each has a specific role to play in the creation of energy via the TCA cycle.




Unlike the enzymes they potentize, coenzymes are biologically active forms of vitamins. Often they are made from the B vitamins, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid and biotin, all of which help release energy from carbohydrates, fats and proteins and also help synthesise new proteins from amino acids. B6 for instance aids in the metabolism of amino acids, while B12 helps cell multiplication. Coenzyme A is made within your cells from the most active form of vitamin B5 – pantothenic acid. This active form of B5 is called pantethine and, among other things, it exerts an enormously beneficial effect on the utilisation of fats and carbohydrates in energy production as well as in the manufacture of adrenal and sex  hormones and red blood cells. It also has significant cholesterol and triglyceride lowering activity. When incorporated into the CoA molecule these powers are increased significantly. While your body can synthesise some coenzymes such as Q10, which is a downstream metabolic product initiated by the presence of Coenzyme A, those that it cannot make – such as the master CoA itself -  need to be taken in through the foods you eat.




Think of your mitochondria as a car engine, Coenzyme A is the ignition switch. It triggers all other enzymic and hormonal biochemical reactions involved in energy making which is one of the reasons it is so important.  Co Q10 acts as the carburettor. It keeps feeding oxygen for the process.  Coenzyme1 – also known as NADH – acts like the sparkplugs. It keeps the electron transport moving.


In recent years CoQ10, also known as ubiquinone, has made biochemical news as a highly effective natural treatment for high blood pressure, periodontal disease and immune deficiencies.  It enables the body to make better use of oxygen. NADH, a special form of the B vitamin niacinamide, has recently become available in supplement form too. It is being used to treat people with Parkinson’s disease as well as chronic fatigue syndrome. NADH is also being used to enhance mental function.







Since its discovery in 1947, Coenzyme A’s crucial importance in maintaining high level health and preventing degeneration has been intensively studied. Apart from its central role in initiating the TCA cycle, Coenzyme A triggers the manufacture of a vast number of other substances that the body needs for high level health. These include acetylcholine - the calming neurotransmitter in the brain which dilates blood vessels, slows heart rate and improves digestion,  learning and memory. Coenzyme A also initiates the production of steroid hormones in the adrenal glands: aldosterone and hydrocortisone, as well as many other hormones such as pregnenalone, DHEA, oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone. Hormones fall dramatically with age when the body becomes deficient in CoA.  When it is supplied by nutritional supplement – which until recently was believed to be impossible - hormone levels often return to normal, literally rejuvenating the body.




Found readily in raw fruits and vegetables in minute quantities, pantothenic acid – B5 - is needed for your body to make Coenzyme A. CoA is easily destroyed by exposure to light, heat or radiation. The word pantothenic comes from the Greek word pantos, meaning everywhere. Vegetables and fruits are sources of B5, meats fish and eggs and all animal foods are rich in CoA.  The most abundant source of CoA in nature are the raw glands and organs of animals. One of the reasons why the tradition in natural medicine of using animal glandulars in the natural treatment of human illness has been so successful is likely to be because these products are rich in CoA and its substrates.  Our Paleolithic ancestors got plenty. They were hunters and gatherers and,  like the modern Inuit, on killing an animal, they immediately consumed the raw viscera. They also ate massive quantities of fresh raw vegetables, herbs, grubs and insects – all good sources of CoA which their bodies could then break down into its component parts through digestion, providing the cells with the wherewithal to synthesise new CoA for the body. As a result our ancestors had very high levels of CoA available to their mitochondria. Today, our CoA levels are low by comparison and our tendency to degeneration high.















Here are a few of the ways that CoA protects your body from degenerative damage:


q       CoA initiates the TCA cycle which produces 95 percent of the energy your body needs to stay alive and resist ageing.

q       CoA increases your body’s ability to deal with stress and inhibits degenerative processes associated with it.

q       CoA initiates the manufacture of specific neurotransmitters and hormones which play a critical role in brain health and adrenal support.

q       CoA acts as the “universal acetate carrier”. This is the primary biological co-factor used in important acyl group transfers which initiate the metabolism of fatty acids as well as support detoxification.

q       CoA supports critical functions of your immune system.

q       CoA facilitates the repair of DNA, RNA and injury to both mitochondria and cells, helping to protect them from oxidation damage.

q       CoA empowers the manufacture of connective tissue.

q       CoA helps form and repair cartilage.

q       CoA greatly enhances physical performance.




Studies show that people with rheumatoid arthritis, as well as gout and auto-immune disorders, have very low levels of CoA.  In order for your body to manufacture it you need to be provided with good quantities of pantothenic acid either through foods or dietary supplements.  Leading edge age researchers have long known that if we could find a way to raise the levels of CoA in the mitochondria, production of ATP would be enhanced, mitochondrial DNA would receive greater protection from damage, and the degenerative processes in the body could be slowed.


But, unlike CoQ10 and NADH – both of which now exist in supplemental form - no-one has ever been able to figure out how to create a nutritional supplement of CoA. For CoA can only be manufactured in the cells of your body. And no matter how much pantothenic acid you put into your body, because of an inhibiting enzyme within the cells, only a certain percentage of it will be turned into Coenzyme A.



Coenzyme A is also your body’s “universal acetate carrier”. This enables CoA to initiate fatty acid metabolism by adding or removing an acyl group from their molecules. Efficient fatty acid metabolism is essential to protection from raised cholesterol and triglycerides. CoA must be in adequate supply for your body to be able to burn rather than store fat as well. Thanks in part to its role as universal acetate carrier, CoA also initiates the detoxification of many dangerous substances like acetaldehyde, protecting the body from age-related destruction caused by the build up of dangerous wastes. It also enhances immune functions and activates white blood cells whose responsibility it is to destroy and eliminate invaders. It spurs the formation of haemoglobin needed for new red blood cells. Finally, CoA both initiates and facilitates the manufacture of important components and connective tissue. Take Chrondroitin sulphate and hyaluronic acid for instance, necessary in the formation and repair of cartilage and collagen - essential for youthful skin.



In the mid nineties, Nicholaos Skouras, cell biologist and expert in Coenzyme A metabolism, made a significant breakthrough in the search to enhance levels of CoA in the human body. He created a unique delivery system which enables the body to make more CoA itself within the cells. And he did this in a way that is completely natural.


A Greek, who currently works in the United States, Skouras is an integrative biochemist. He looks upon the human body as a flow of energy, information and communication between its cells, tissues and organs. Impatient with the way nutrition and biochemistry is taught and lamenting the communication barrier between different scientific fields, he worked intensively for many years developing practical theories and incorporating them into clinical nutrition before discovering a way of supplying in supplemental form the wherewithal for CoA production. Since then he has created some of the best natural health care and skin products in the world – each of which, in its own way, makes use of the universal catalyst CoA. These include an anti-acne formula, a cholesterol lowering one, another which enhances lean body mass and encourages fat burning as well as a unique anti-ageing skin care product.



Looking at an anti-ageing programme from the point of view of integrative biochemistry, asks that the biochemist work with nutritional substrates as highly biologically active substances – vitamins, minerals, amino acids, nucleacides and nucleotides and even special sugars which act as communicators. These raw materials, present in foods or in the living body, are used to create a complexity of effects on the body each of which contributes to its well-being by making it possible for the body’s own metabolic systems to support health and good looks in the most natural and effective way possible.


Skouros believes that, supplied with optimal quantities of essential nuts and bolts in a highly active form which it can use at a cellular level, the human body likes to manufacture its hormones and enzymes itself from whatever metabolites it most needs. He insists it is better to support the body’s own biochemical mechanisms for producing energy, hormones, anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing effects, than to supplant them by offering artificial hormones which eventually undermine the body’s ability to make its own. For hormones introduced from outside can, Skouras insists, undermine the body’s ability to manufacture its own.



Recognising that the synthesis of Coenzyme A begins in the cells, Skouras set out to find a way of supplying direct to the cells exactly what they need to enhance production of the master catalyst. It was by no means a simple task.


The problem was this:  When a nutrient such as pantothenic acid, or even CoA itself, is taken in through foods – fresh raw organ meats, for instance, or vegetables, herbs and seeds - it comes packaged synergistically in nature, in a matrix with other related substances and compounds in a magnificent and ordered balance. The fresh food carries structural information of highest quality and complexity.  A food may contain enzymes, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals of which the particular nutrient is only a part.  Plant matrices have an affinity for the human body. For we have eaten plants throughout our own evolution and our body is programmed to welcome them. When nutritionists or doctors try to give a particular vitamin on its own – say, pantothenic acid, in the treatment of arthritis for instance - the substrates that came packaged with it in nature are missing and the body can not therefore make optimal use of the vitamin. 


You might think that you could simply give large doses of pantothenic acid – or even of its most active form, pantethine - and this would enable your body to make its own CoA. Or perhaps you could create an artificial molecule of Coenzyme A, a drug, and introduce it into the system thereby raising levels of the master CoA in the cells.  


Great plan, but it just doesn’t work that way. Both approaches have been tried many times without success.  The first approach is undermined by an inhibitory process in the body’s cells so that the amount of CoA they can make from pantethine and other substrates becomes strictly limited.  The second approach fails because B5 or CoA themselves are simply broken down when they reach the body so that there is no way of ensuring they will ever reach the interior of the cell where CoA could be manufactured. The other problem is that, even if you could devise a way of accomplishing that task, there was no known way to get the CoA to cross the mitochondrial barrier which it needs to do to initiate more ATP energy production. 



What Nicholaos Skouras has been able to do – after many years of complex manoeuvring of pantethine and other substrates involved in CoA production in the cells – is to create a matrix of his own that ingeniously mimics the way nature does things. This matrix was created through a complex series of chemical reactions and co-valent bonds, which makes it possible for the matrix to perform not one but three impossible feats:  It not only joins together nutrients and substrates, in exact amounts and balance, which your body needs to create its own CoA within the cells. It is also able to bypass the inhibitory processes which limit the amount of CoA cells can produce. Finally, Skouras worked out how, once the cell has made CoA, to get it transported across the mitochrondrial barrier so it can initiate production of high levels of ATP there.



Like many exceptionally gifted scientists, Skouras lives and breathes his work. Interviewing him, one has the impression there is nothing he would rather do than spend the wee hours of the morning, with no telephone to ring and no administrative duties to perform, playing with his passion: inventing new ways to perform other apparently impossible feats – always naturally, and with respect for the human body’s ability to heal itself.


His piece de resistance is a product called, simply,  Coenzyme ATM -    without doubt the world’s best kept anti-ageing secret. Biochemists praise it. Doctors who have used it report it is capable of turning patients lives around. But, because of the complexity and the ingeniousness of the way it has been formulated, very few people in the general public are as yet aware of how transformative it can be.


Except for those who have used the product of course.  Reports from them of enhanced vitality, increased capacity to handle stress, more rapid healing from both acute and chronic conditions,  and improved skin and hair, joints and muscles are legion. Men and women previously on hormone replacement therapy report their bodies are now producing their own hormones.  Others speak of CoA’s ability to enhance immune functions and repair physical injuries and claim using Coenzyme ATM has made them highly resistant to illness and to ageing. 



One of the great things about most of Skouras’s inventions is that he himself looks upon them not as magic bullets but as useful and effective adjuncts to a health-enhancing way of eating and living.  They are useful and effective as part of a natural approach to countering ageing.  They address directly many of the issues of  biomarkers. Clear Skin ImageTM is the exception but worthy of note for anybody who has ever wrestled with skin inflammation or acne.  This product was created to clear acne by supplying CoA to skin cells while simultaneously correcting lipid and fatty acid metabolism which underlies acne. Another, Body ImageTM  increases lean body mass and spurs fat burning. It is useful for weight loss without hunger or energy loss. Healthy Joint ImageTM supports the repair of joints, bones, ligaments and connective tissue. Healthy Cholesterol ImageTM inhibits the body’s synthesis of fatty acids into cholesterol and triglycerides and helps lower both. 



Using Coenzyme A tm together with Age Power’s Insulin Balance Programme can be powerfully detoxifying thanks in no small part to its ability to enhance acetyl transfer, central to the body’s phase II detoxification processes.  But, unlike a juice fast or most of the standard programmes designed to cleanse your system, it does not weaken it.  Coenzyme ATM and Insulin Balance eating actually strengthen metabolism while they are cleansing. I have experimented with it myself for several months and suggested it to others, and I have been surprised to find there is a surprising pattern of change which seems to occur. Although each human being is utterly unique, there appears to be a deep process of regeneration which occurs in a characteristic way for most people.







Using Coenzyme ATM together with Age Power’s Insulin Balance three times a day on an empty stomach for three to six months at a time enhances health in surprising ways. It  usually happens sequentially, step by step, something like this:


q       A subtle growing rise in energy occurs coupled with a noticeable improvement in your ability to deal with stress.  Life may be  as challenging as ever but you feel more on top of things.

q       As your body clears itself of acetaldehydes and other toxic chemicals you feel mentally clearer.

q       Strength increases.

q       Libido rises and with it often creative energies of other kinds.  (This can be especially helpful to perimenopausal, menopausal and post menopausal women, whose many years of reproductive hormonal cycling has depleted their body energy and suppressed hormone production).

q       The body gains metabolic momentum.  Everything from digestion to physical movement seems to take place better and more easily.

q       Mental acuity is heightened.

q       A growing sense that some kind of emotional or spiritual reawakening may be happening.





It is almost as though the whole process of improving CoA levels on a biochemical level parallels the process of clearing and strengthening the psyche on a spiritual level described in DARKNESS INTO LIGHT through meditation, autogenics or good binaural technology. (see page 000)  I have yet to experience anything quite like it.  It gave me the opportunity to experience within my body and my being the primordial nature of this and to understand just a little of what scientists mean when they insist that metabolism recapitulates biogenesis. You feel it happening progressively within your own life.  


Central to the evolutionary processes which created cellular life, Coenzyme ATM  is capable of bringing about profound regeneration in living systems. Race horse owners have long experimented with ways of increasing CoA in their animals in the hopes of helping them run longer and harder without lactate build up in muscles to undermine speed. For me the experience of what CoA enhancement brings to the body was like a personal lesson in just how all-encompassing the primordial elements which created life can be when let loose within my body.



A simple and easy to carry out 10 days experience of CoA’s potential is the CoA Ten Day Detox and Rebuild. You can do it while working or while on holiday – really anywhere or any time.


















The processes involved in regeneration and rebuilding based on CoA takes time to reap full rewards – a few months at least, more for some.  But it is remarkable how quickly you can begin to feel the benefits in how you look and feel by combining Age Power’s Insulin Balance Programme with Coenzyme ATM supplements taken three times a day on an empty stomach together with a good quality high potency B vitamin supplement and an apple (preferably organic).     The apple is not only rich in pectin which helps remove heavy metals and other pollutants from your body, it is also a good source of malic acid which further empowers the energy-making and initiatory processes CoA carries out in living systems. It is essential you drink a 10 ounce glass of clean water with each dose of supplements. The only way to find out is to do it yourself.




On rising (at least half an hour before breakfast):


1 Coenzyme ATM capsule

1 High potency B Complex

1 apple

10oz glass of spring water or filtered water


Your Insulin Balance Breakfast (see  page 00 for suggestions)


½ hour before lunch:


1 Coenzyme ATM capsule

1 High potency B Complex

1 apple

10 oz glass of spring or filtered water


Your Insulin Balance Lunch


½ hour before dinner:


1 Coenzyme ATM capsule

1 apple

10 oz glass of spring or filtered water


Your Insulin Balance Dinner


The 10 Day Apple Detox and Rebuild is an ideal way to start Insulin Balance. It helps your metabolism make major shifts away from the standard diet full of high-glycaemic carbs with greater ease and efficiency.  It can also give you an inkling of what Coenzyme A might do to enhance your energy and life as a whole used longer term.



With irrepressible curiosity and what appears to be an all-consuming passion for his work, the talented Dr. Skouras has recently been delving into the processes of ageing skin. He has now created both external and internal formulas based on the principle of integrative biochemistry to counter it.  Skouras was not content to copy what was already being done in the external skincare anti-aging area. With respect for the excellent anti-oxidant skincare range created by Yale dermatologist Nicolas Perricone (which is currently seriously undermining many of the most established cosmetic giant’s ranges), he bowed to it, but chose to move beyond it. He also chose to ignore the hormone route – adding melatonin, or DHEA  -  to emulsions in an attempt to produce active anti-ageing cosmetics or cosmeceuticals. 


In keeping with his commitment to first principles, Skouras went back to basics asking the question, ‘what do we need to supply the skin with, both externally and internally, to empower its own innate capacity for regeneration and radiant health and how best do we deliver the active ingredients so the body can make best possible use of them?’ 



The two products he has created as answers to these questions - SkinMatrixTM External and Skin Matrix InternalTM - are like nothing else I have ever seen either in their anti-ageing effectiveness or their speed of action. The development of Skin Matrix InternalTM and Skin Matrix ExternalTM  took place over a period of almost three years during which Skouras focused on natural ways of re-establishing homeostasis in the human body as well as specifically in the skin – its largest organ. He went right to the core of the four processes of ageing – oxidation, glycation, methylation and inflammation - and approached them from an evolutionary point of view, still working with Coenzyme A, but also with some extraordinary sugars – especially the pentoses. He used these first because they, like the primordial power of CoA, are cellular communicators capable of enlivening skin metabolism and spurring repair. They also carry a high level of energy and a negative charge so that they become part of a highly active transport, carrying metabolites and substrates through the positively charged stratum cornium for high impact on skin. His skin matrix also encompasses active forms of specific vitamins which carry an ability to protect the skin from the damaging effects of radiation as well as nucleoides – components of DNA – and sulfahydral compounds along with negatively charged metabolic enzymes for enhancing methylation and bringing energy to skin.
















The result is a spray that you use only twice a day on clean skin. It prevents the formation of AGEs, protects from oxidation damage, calms inflammation and supplies more regenerative power than any product I have ever seen and is all you need in terms of skin treatment. You can then apply a moisturiser on top if you like or just leave it as it is. The product is so pure you could literally drink it if you wanted to. Everyone I have interviewed who has used it so far claims they would never want to be without it. So potent are its skin enhancing properties that you notice a real improvement in texture, firmness and diminishment of fine  lines within a day or two. The longer you use it the better it gets.



Skin Matrix InternalTM works very much the same way enhancing skin from inside out. And, like its external mate, it carries a specific plant ceramide of plant origins which targets the skin’s cells themselves. It comes in capsule form and is best used three times a day on an empty stomach together with a capsule of Coenzyme ATM.

I am told that Nickolaos Skouras is now in the process of creating an even more potent Skin Matrix Serum. If it is even half as good as his two original skin products, it is bound to bring yet another life-changing breakthrough delivering primal power where it is needed most in the service of Age Power.